About the Challenge

Are there any requirements for people to apply for the Challenge?

Private companies and organizations in Southeast Asia and Japan, including startups, are eligible to participate.

Is there a first-come, first-served limit to the number of applications I can submit?

There is no limit to the number of teams that can be selected or accepted into the program. The selection will be based on each idea and proposal submitted.

What do you do in a co-creation session?

During the co-creation sessions, mentors (the Each challenge owner and co-organizers (Aichi Prefectural Government and ICMG) During the co-creation session, the mentors (each challenge owner, co-organizers (Aichi Prefectural Government, ICMG)) will focus on validating the customer-specific needs that could be solved by the submitted solution ideas. We will work with you as a team to test your solution idea on a small scale to determine its Product Market Fit of the solution idea through small-scale testing.

What happens after the Demo Day?

After the Demo Day, the Challenge Owners will discuss and decide the next steps within their companies based on the contents of each proposal. In order to clarify the relationship of co-creation with you, we will aim for a formal partnership by concluding a MoU with the Challenge Owner.

Application Requirements

How will I be paired with a mentor during the co-creation sessions?

Based on the ideas and suggestions we receive, each challenge owner will assign an appropriate mentor to work with you to further accelerate the development of your idea.

Is there anything to submit during the co-creation sessions?

In order to track your progress, you will be asked to share your updates with your mentor, but you do not need to submit them in a specific format.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Please contact us at this e-mail address(aichisscc@icmg.co.jp)to ICMG, Inc.

Can I apply for more than one challenge?

Yes, you can submit your solution to more than one issue statement. We encourage you to submit more than one!

How will I be notified of the selection results?

You will be notified by email after the deadline.